Getting across - Exhibition about borders

Date: 27/2/2020
Time: All day
Location: Galerija Umjetnina
Category: Exhibitions

Getting across addresses the topic of migration in a multifaceted way. Much of the exhibition is devoted to photographs documenting real events: the Bangladesh Civil War in 1971 (Kishor Parekh) and events and places on the border of the European Union (Eva Leitolf, André Lützen). The works signed by Javier Tellez and Roman Signer deal with the question of how borders can be crossed and how borders are moved. Ever since the 1970s, Australian artist Mike Parr has criticized his country's policy towards asylum seekers through the performance of sewing his eyelids and lips. This grim approach to Australian anti-immigration policy is counterbalanced by works by Halil Altindere, who combines hip hop music in his Homeland video with a staging of the refugee invasion of Berlin, or in a humorous two-channel screening devised by Bani Abidi, featuring a Lahore wind orchestra. the American anthem. The Croatian presentation of the project also included the work of Davor Konjikusic Aura: F37, which uses photographs taken by thermal imaging cameras that captured migrants crossing the green Schengen border.
The exhibition is open until March 8th.

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