Pirate battle of Omiš

Date: 18/8/2019
Time: Evening
Location: Omiš
Price: 0kn
Category: Other

The Pirate Battle of Omiš is a unique and fascinating event that reconstructs a battle that took place in the 13th century and as a result, marked Omiš as the “City of Pirates.” The role-playing battle describes the fight between the Venetian fleet, commanded by Akoncije with pirates from Omiš, led by Malduk. The battle took place in the harbour in Omiš and ended with the Venetians having to pay a fee in gold coins to pass through the Brač channel. The victory lead to a roaring applause from the local citizens, as they chanted the name of Malduk in celebration.

-> 16.08. @Toreta - old crafts fair + Marko Tolja & Big Band Makarska concert
-> 17.08. Kids pirate day + Maja Šuput concert
-> 18.08. main event from 7.30pm - The procession of historic military units through the city, the Pirate Battle in the port

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