Graffiti na Gradele

Date: 25/7/2019
Time: All day
Location: Bol, Brač
Price: 0kn
Category: Music

For three days in July, the island of Brač will see graffiti writers, DJs, skaters, musicians, young artists and urban culture lovers in an amazing atmosphere, once again accompanied by a rich program for them to enjoy.

Line up: Vojko Vrućina, Bad Copy, Krešo Bengalka, High5, Buntai, Bore Balboa, 30 Zona; DJ's Tikach, Oliver, Nina Davis (Gang Gang), Zembo, Resk, Remi, Niki Peducci, Kiki B., Dreger Rofellos, Kuna, TRAPLES, Ynez, Lil Cut Wrist

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