Season opening: ABOP

Date: 22/9/2017
Starts at: 23.00 h
Location: Kocka
Price: 40/50kn
Category: Music

The After is Better than the Party. Translated to their native Croatian language. Trimmed to a size of a four letter acronym - ABOP. It's a live music group inspired by Chicago house, Detroit techno and other early club music genres. There's a rave on the floor, the audience is in trance – but there is no DJ – instead, ABOP consists of five exquisite musicians on the stage. Live techno band. Live drum machine consists of two drummers who share a single drum set, adapted to fit their needs. The centerpiece of electronic music. Accompanied by heavy bass lines and both analogue and digital synths. All blended together within an intricate sound design.

+ El Commando, Allan

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