Goulash Disko Week

Date: 13/9/2017
Starts at: 20.00 h
Location: Ghetto club
Price: 0kn
Category: Music

Festival goers stuck in Split, artists in transit, people who couldn't get a festival ticket, and everyone in Split who wants to get a glimpse of Goulash Disko Festival: a full week of Goulash Disko program is happening in parallel of the festival - for free!

11/09 - GypsyUnit (UK)
12/09 - Sonido Trópico (BR)
13/09 - Déni-Shain (FR)
14/09 - Raulito Wolf (DE)
15/09 - Schwifty (HR)
16/09 - Alizarina (FR)

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