In the Province of the Mind

Date: 29/2/2020
Time: All day
Location: Fotoklub Split
Category: Exhibitions

On Saturday, February 15th at 7:30 pm the exhibition "In the Province of the Mind" by Zadar artist Marina Ćorić will open in the Photo Gallery of the Photo Club Split. Marina Ćorić's photographic work is an artistic interpretation of the eternal search for the answer to the question - Who am I? The lyricism of her photographs communicates the full range of human emotions - from vulnerability to strength, from fear to courage, from withdrawal to defiance, from pain to resignation, and back again to beauty. Marina Ćorić delves deep into the layered human soul and, by exploiting her own intimacy, she presents the viewers ith the universa questions of existence.
The exhibition will be open until March 7th.

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