Meštart: Ivana Tkalčić - A(rtificial) I(nt

Date: 20/1/2020
Time: All day
Location: Galerija Meštrović
Category: Exhibitions

[19th December 2019 - 2nd February 2020] Ivana Tkalčić turns to the really relevant theme of artificial intelligence with her exhibitions A(rtificial) I(ntelligence) I and A(rtificial) I(ntelligence) II. To show in what way AI and machine learning can formally analyse the sculptures of Ivan Meštrović, in her studies she used open source tools an platforms. The author gives not only the task of analysis to AI, but also of creation. On the basis of the huge collection of photos from the Museum of Ivan Meštrović, which contains over a thousand photos of Ivan Meštrović's works, many of which weren't preserved, the AI went on to create its own compositions.Classical ways of shaping, understanding, and general everyday functions are joined, like in earlier exhibitions, by new ways and modalities.

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