Blast Fest

Date: 17/8/2019
Starts at: 20.00 h
Location: Martinska, Šibenik
Category: Music

Festival is organized by friends who share the same thoughts and goals related to such events, which are - gathering, carefree socializing, equality and enjoying audio-visuals. The tradition of free admission continues and is based on the principle of voluntary donations that will support the work of all involved in order to remain motivated for an even better and greater Blast next year.

Line up: Anako, Basta, Brighton, Carnero, Cubre, Denis Beifuss, Dodo, El Commando, Foxy, Gidra Box, Ivna Ji, KAKO live, Kec, Microslav, Mr.D, Nebuloz, Paško Gaćina, PiPers, Samo Tako, SZCH, Tabula, Tonko, Unsub

Sunday - 05
Monday - 06
Tuesday - 07
Wednesday - 08
Thursday - 09
Friday - 10
Saturday - 11