Date: 21/9/2017
Time: All day
Location: Galerija Škola
Category: Exhibitions

According to Heraclitus, there is a union between all beings, and change is the only thing that is constant in our world, and according to his vision of fire as the initiator of change, Duraković uses the instability fire to stimulate the transformation of matter and to create new life. Duraković approaches the subject explicitly: he overlaps matter, transforming only its form. The, he acts upon it by burning. Through the burning process, the fire shapes the work, it defines its volume and shape. This baptism by fire forces the material to penetrate into the space, creating a monumental body of amorphous shapes. The second work connects two-dimensionality and three-dimensionality, moving from the wall into space across a staircase. Duraković creates a diptych on glass – the burning of matter triggers the transformation process, and the substance is bound to the substrate. Separating the matter from the substrate, the artist creates a diptych. Duraković says his work is in fact a continuous process: from thought, through events and changes that create the final product, and which, by its existence and transposition, provokes other processes. His case is a proof of the connection between the painting process, the image, matte and the subject, conscious observer.

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