Rehearsals for a film

Date: 24/9/2017
Time: All day
Location: Galerija Umjetnina
Category: Exhibitions

Rehearsals for a film, Ana Hušman’s solo exhibition in the Museum of Fine Art in Split introduces Ana Hušman’s recent film Almost Nothing (2016), and a film in the making 6 by 7 Meters, Rehearsals for a Film (2017). With each of these projects Ana Hušman records spatial signals and movements of their social mechanisms. This exhibition project clearly builds on Ana’s already established artistic strategies: disassembling the structures and textures of cinematic elements through film, installation, books, sound, image and text; experimenting with the possibilities of animation, documentary and fictional cinematic methods, and the possibilities of the recorded voice and its articulation; as well as questioning and playing with the positions of the amateur and the professional subject of performativity, the medium itself, and the structures that dictate and produce patterns of behaviour.

September 5th - October 1st