Lovers: Two degrees

Date: 25/9/2017
Time: All day
Location: Galerija Umjetnina
Category: Exhibitions

The Lovers artistic collective is focused upon interdisciplinary merging of science and arts. The collective will present itself with a 'self-sustaining' audio-visual spatial installation in the Museum of Fine Arts. In the realization of their work, the artists will be using solar energy, as well as Earth batteries, the energy generated by lowering the cargo and the mechanical moving sculptures that will change position as the visitors themselves twist the lever. The main aim of this artwork is to popularize the usage of renewable energy sources, as well as to point out the problem of climate changes caused by human activity. As a part of this exhibition, a number of lectures will be held by scientists and experts in the field of energetics, renewable energy resources, biology and environmental protection, with the aim of opening up the discussion about these topics.

Friday - 13
Saturday - 14